The Green Gables - Cards of Positivity Set

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This Cards of Positivity set is just what you need to cheer and applaud the moments of happiness and achievement in your loved ones' lives.

Each of the flat A7 size cards features a different message and colour.

Whatever your friend or family member is celebrating or needs a boost, let them know how proud you are and champion them with one (or all!) of these cards.

The reverse of each card is blank for you to write your own message if you choose.

The set of eight cards comes with eight kraft envelopes.

The printed messages are:

  • Hooray, hooray, we're having a par-tay!  -This requires proper celebration.
  • You make me so very proud. I could just burst. In fact, I might just do that.
  • Whoop, whoop! You're really brilliant, you know that? REALLY brilliant
  • I've always known how wonderful you are. Now everyone else can see it too.
  • Amazing. Fantastic. Stupendous. All of the above, twice over
  • .You only went and did it! I said you would. I told you you're ace, remember?