Bearsy And The Boy - Thought Bubbles - Cleaning

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Thought Bubbles are a very modern twist on milestone cards.

They are the only one of their kind on the market, they have a completely original and unique 

Each pack of Cleaning Thought Bubbles come with 25 single sided cards. 

The captions are perfect for everyone obsessed with a lovely clean home, they make great social media content.  

Here's an example of some of the captions:

  • Cleaning is the new going out 
  • Excuse the mess, but we live here 
  • This is my Narnia
  • OMG this smells amazing!!
  • Organizing like a Boss!

 Product Specification :It's a Spring clean kind day Thought Bubbles are printed on satin 350gsm card.  Available in pastel or monochrome colorsProduct Measurement: Box dimensions: 22cm x 15xm x 1.8cm / Thought Bubble dimensions: 21cm x 14cm